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Jamie Rhodes-Simpson

Experienced sound engineer taking quality recordings from fine musicians and singers to the next level ready for release, specialising in orchestral, rock, pop and country.

I’d love to hear about your next project, please do get in touch!

Music Production Reel

Something to listen to whilst you read!

This is a 5 minute, high resolution 16bit/48kHz wav (57.6MB); a large file compared to regular streaming formats and may take some time to download and start playback.

I was the mixing engineer and variously one or more of producer, mastering, recording and/or live sound engineer on all the songs used in this medley – more details and full individual tracks over on the Listen page here.

I’m a professional sound engineer with decades of sound recording, mixing and mastering experience.

As an active musician (drummer – original music, rock, punk, Motown, theatre) I am able to fully appreciate the performer’s perspective and communicate effectively.

I’ve produced location, studio and live recordings for various bands & productions.

Lifetime member of Warren Huart’s Produce Like A Pro Academy.

I’m also a front of house sound mix engineer for concerts in theatres, at festivals, and in concert halls across the land for live bands and orchestras, covering classical, orchestral & choir to rock, pop, blues, progressive rock, singer/songwriters and more.

Other work includes television outside broadcast sound engineer on programs for the BBC (Question Time), Sky, Eurosport and many others.

I can bring all of this experience including microphone selection, positioning, recording, mixing and mastering to your next project.

Read my SoundBetter interview here


Typical Pricing

These are guide prices for typical projects. Pricing includes VAT at 20%. Please contact me with your specific requirements for more details. I want you to be happy with the results.


Average price:
£480 per day

Record in our studio, or at the location of your choice

Travel and other expenses will be added at the cost to our business with no markup.


Average price:
£360 per song

Create a stereo mix from multitracks you provide

Up to 3 revisions included in agreed price, further revisions by arrangement.

Note: High track counts will cost more.


Average price:
£80 per song

Mastering of a stereo mix you provide

Includes 1 free revision, further revisions by arrangement.

Live Sound

Live sound for your next show, concert or event.

Please get in touch with your requirements as the cost obviously depends on the complexity of the show, the number of days in pre-production, show days and any required post-production, recordings, equipment hire, etc.

Typically though, similar cost as per recording days above will cover me and my mixing console for the day. Range of mics and other equipment available on request.

I can be hired directly, or if you prefer, via SoundBetter.

Please note that should you choose the SoundBetter route, their terms state that all future work between us must also be transacted via SoundBetter. I’m happy to offer this as an alternative to direct should you prefer their walled garden approach, strictly controlled environment and other assurances you feel this may provide for you having a third party involved.

Jamie Rhodes-Simpson, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter