High Definition Audio and Video Production Service based in Ripley, Derbyshire.

Our central location means we can reach many major cities such as Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester within an hour or two. We’re also close to national rail links and with East Midlands Airport only 40 minutes away, Europe is also on our doorstep.

HD Media Pro is starting out life as a single person production crew made up of me, Jamie Rhodes-Simpson, and backed by an active, life long interest in audio and video production.

A single operator can film and produce many types of video, such as:

  • a video for your website to introduce yourself, your company and its products
  • a music video for your band
  • a video record of a specific event
  • a drama or play, either live theatre, or carefully scripted, story boarded, shot and edited together (like a television drama programme)
  • a support video on how to access or use your services for your customers

And we also have the audio capability to match the stunning picture quality of modern HD video cameras.  Sound is a very important part of the picture!

In house access to our very own 24-bit/96kHz Mackie Onyx recording console for recording high definition audio where needed; and it can be used for live events or in a more studio like environment for both video and pure audio work.

Your imagination is the only limit of what is possible.

Inevitably though, budget will probably be the deciding factor.  Video production is a very expensive and time consuming process and you can expect to bank on three days’ solid engineering time as a starting point for almost any project.

Knowing who will say what, when, where, locations and so on will help smooth the process.  If the initial material is well recorded and the sound is good, then editing should hopefully be minimised down to just cutting together the final sections you want and rendering for output to your chosen destination (web, DVD etc).

So get creative, we look forward to hearing from you to help make your vision a reality!