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Wakefield Council Pride Awards 2014

This year we were commissioned by Wakefield Council to produce two separate videos for their Pride Awards; one for the People's Choice Award Nominees and the other for the Employee of the Year Nominees.

Like the previous year the production schedule was extremely tight with intense filming days covering multiple interviews at multiple locations, and as before we met lots of inspirational people who really love what they do and the service they provide to others.

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We produced a video for new company Aradia Global introducing their first products.

Having tasted the red wine after the video shoot, I have to say, it is exceptionally nice, and that's coming from someone who doesn't normally like red wine!

"Aradia Global source exquisite and unique foodstuffs from regions all over the world. We source only from small, independent, natural and ethical producers, organic where possible."

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Panasonic may end production of plasma TVs

If this turns out to be the case, then it’s a sad moment for high quality home cinema television displays, as once again the superior technology loses out to the mostly cheaper and less technically capable rival.

As happened with Betamax & VHS, it would now seem that the Plasma versus LCD TV war is set to end the same way.

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