Hannah-Rei - Upside Down

Official music video for “Upside Down”, the first single from Hannah-Rei’s debut album “Time To Play”. Upside down was released on iTunes on the 4th February 2013.

Comments on the technical aspects of the video production can be left on our YouTube or Vimeo pages for this video, or below on this page, but please do also visit the official Hannah-Rei YouTube channel, especially to tell her how great she is and for any comments on the music! :)

Produced by Jamie Simpson and Hannah Rockcliffe
Special thanks to Sue Rhodes and The House Bar and Restaurant, Scholes

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Technical information:
Music & Editing: Hannah Rockcliffe
Camera, Steadicam & Video Post Production: Jamie Simpson

Camera: Sony NEX-VG20EH

Outdoor Locations: Newmillerdam Country Park and Sandal Castle, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Mainly shot using a CMR Blackbird Camera Stabilizer and Steadicam Arm & Vest

Indoor Piano Sequences:
Location: The House Bar and Restaurant, Scholes, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire
Video lighting: 3x Dedolight DLH4
Camera support: Sachtler FSB 4 SL MCF Fluid Head Video Tripod
Plus some handheld shots

Produced using Apple Final Cut Pro X and Compressor
Final Colour Corrected Version
Full HD 1080p for Vimeo: H.264 @ 20 Mbps AAC 320kbps

Copyright Hannah-Rei & HD Media Pro 2012 All Rights Reserved


Corporate video for new company Aradia Global introducing their first products.

Having tasted the red wine after the video shoot, I have to say, it is exceptionally nice, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally like red wine!

Because neither of Aradia’s owners are used to being interviewed on camera, we ended up with over two hours of interview footage, which Sue managed wade through over many, many days and cut down to it’s essence to reveal the story. Well done Sue! Truly an epic editing job there.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

"Aradia Global source exquisite and unique foodstuffs from regions all over the world. We source only from small, independent, natural and ethical producers, organic where possible."


For more information on this video including a couple of additional videos we produced showing product use examples and featuring some slow motion footage, plus the technical details please click here to view our blog post.

Wakefield Council Employee of the Year Award 2013

Wakefield Council Employee of the Year Award 2013 Candidate Video

Director of Photography, Lighting, Sound & Editing: Jamie Rhodes-Simpson
Filmed 3rd & 4th September 2013

The time scale for this shoot was extremely tight. The production document was produced on the 30th August, agreed by the client on the 2nd September and shooting started on the 3rd, with final delivery due by the 11th (and that includes allowance for client feedback on the edit and any required adjustments to produce the final version) just in time for the actual award ceremony evening.

Filming days were very intense covering 12 interviews over two days at multiple locations, plus capturing all b-roll.

The technical production crew consisted of just one person, myself (Jamie Rhodes-Simpson); director, camera operator, location sound recording, lighting setup etc.

The council provided the interview questions and someone at each location to ask these to those being interviewed. The constant changing of people and locations and not quite knowing what the environment was like at each location (all new and unseen to me before the day) was a challenge, but it all worked out great in the end and I’m very proud of this video.

On a personal standards note; the opening title and the four main segment titles were pretty much thrown together in order to meet the deadline; the council were happy with these, but personally I would have liked more time to develop nicer titles to match the high quality of the main footage.

Technical Details:

Camera: Sony NEX-FS700
Picture Profile: PP5 Cine1 Gamma
White balance: manually set as required
Various Sony E-Mount Lenses:
SEL-50F18 50mm F1.8
SEL-18200 18-200mm F3.5-F6.3
SEL-16F28 16mm F2.8

Lighting: The Sun, Gekko Karesslite 6006 DDTL, Dedolight DLH4

Colour correction in post: None

Sound: Sennheiser Lavalier and Sony Shotgun with Rycote Softie Windshield

NLE: Apple Final Cut Pro X
Distribution Encoding: Apple Compressor 4

Copyright Wakefield Council & HD Media Pro 2013 All Rights Reserved

Sonia's Smile

A little video we produced to help promote Sonia’s Smile Fairtrade Shop in Haworth.

The final edit was completed on the 8th March 2013 but the filming days were 31st October and 1st November 2012, hence the Halloween pumpkins in the shop window!

Contact details for Sonia’s Smile:
01535 647776

85 Main Street
West Yorkshire
BD22 8DA

Technical Information:
Camera and lighting: Jamie Rhodes-Simpson
Post Production: Susan Rhodes-Simpson
Music: On Machu Picchu (Licensed from pond5.com, Artist: perov)

Camera: Sony NEX-VG20EH
Video lighting: 3x Dedolight DLH4 (dedolight.com)
Camera support: Sachtler FSB 4 SL MCF Fluid Head Video Tripod
Plus some handheld shots
Produced using Apple Final Cut Pro X and Compressor
Ungraded footage direct from camera (except the blackboard outside the shop in one shot to lift the text)
Full HD 1080p for YouTube: H.264 @ 63 Mbps AAC 192kbps

Copyright HD Media Pro 2013 All Rights Reserved

The Shootout

A Short Film by Jamie Rhodes-Simpson for the Philip Bloom Weekend Challenge 23 June 2013

Shot in two hours, graded in camera, all single sequential takes, no trimming, deleting or editing (only the drone sound, gunshot & end title added before exporting final video for Vimeo)

Camera: Sony NEX-FS700
Picture Profile: PP6 CINE2 Gamma
White balance: Standard Daylight 5600K
Lens: Sony E-Mount SEL-18200 18-200mm F3.5-F6.3
Lighting: The Sun, Gekko karesslite 6006 DDTL with 1/2 CTB gel