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Corporate video for new company Aradia Global introducing their first products.

Having tasted the red wine after the video shoot, I have to say, it is exceptionally nice, and that's coming from someone who doesn't normally like red wine!

Because neither of Aradia's owners are used to being interviewed on camera, we ended up with over two hours of interview footage, which Sue managed wade through over many, many days and cut down to it's essence to reveal the story. Well done Sue! Truly an epic editing job there.

Here's how they describe themselves:

"Aradia Global source exquisite and unique foodstuffs from regions all over the world. We source only from small, independent, natural and ethical producers, organic where possible."

In addition to the main video, we also produced a couple of very short videos showing product use examples.

Aradia - Honey in Coffee

Aradia - Honey & Cheese

Technical Notes

Product shots and interviews were lit with our professional video lighting.

Shots taken during the wine tasting event used only available light (i.e. low wattage household lights and candles in this case). Our Sony NEX-FS700 camera showed it's technical brilliance in this tricky lighting (I'd like to think in no small part with help from the operator!) and created some amazing footage even under these seriously under lit conditions.

The music in the two very short product use example videos was recorded from vinyl (Yehudi Menuhin - Mozart Concerto No. 3). The record is from 1962 and so is now out of copyright entirely. The quality of the vinyl recording and the copy we made from it was so good that YouTube's automatic checking mistook it for a more recent CD re-master and slapped a copyright violation notice on us. We contested this with EMI and thankfully it has now been removed.